We develop and distribute

Biopharmaceuticals for human cause

Amigos Molecular Solutions

is a drug development pharmaceutical company established with indigenous R&D process for developing various critical molecules. We provide contract research and manufacturing services in the pharmaceutical industry from small to large scale production.

Green Chemistry

AMS is actively engaged in establishing green chemistry for alternative to natural products for clean environment with high quality and yield.

Our Products

AMS provides critical intermediates and API’s for various therapeutic applications including diabetes, neuroscience and oncology.

Expertise and Facilities

  • Development of technologies/processes for new molecules
  • R&D to bulk manufacturing under one roof
  • Biocatalysis / green chemistry processes
  • Facilities certified with ISO9001/cGLP/cGMP

Our Location

Research and Development division
27, TBI, BioNest Floor, School of Life Sciences,
University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli,
Hyderabad, TS, India 500046

Phone: 8897248519 / 7995019209
Email: amigosmolecularsolutions@gmail.com